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TMTX is the help that never sleeps, takes vacation, coffee breaks or comes in late. Lets talk about how it can help your business.

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Product Simulators

Interactive product simulators powered by our intuitive TMTX support software.

Talk Me Through It or TMTI, has developed a wide range of interactive product simulators that utilises our powerful TMTX software. This enables us to quickly build a simulator for any product, in any design style, with an unlimited amount of topics. A lot of major Canadian companies have found our TMTX software to be the best solution for their online support!

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Self learning is the new buzz word for online customer support. A great online experience saves money for the retailer and provides a fast 24 hour solution for technical queries to all consumers.

After first introducing the concept to a major UK carrier in 2004, TMTI has built on several years of experience in delivering engaging online help and support tools for end-user consumers in multiple languages. Now, through providing self-help tools to several mobile network operating companies, we believe that we have identified a cost-effective pricing model which allows our clients to have a clear picture of all costs – from initial set-up through to expanding the range of devices, languages or users who access the platform. Through the evolution of this model, TMTI has always strived to deliver operational innovation and has seen their simulators deployed by many large-scale clients around the world being used by millions of consumers.

TMTX is the help that never sleeps, takes vacation, coffee breaks or comes in late. The service is fully hosted and maintained by TMTI, creating no technical installation or operational complexities for clients. The complete solution also enables quick updates and ongoing improvements!

Tracking User Stats

Our TMTX solution is search engine optimized and mobile friendly; it’s regularly updated and tested across all major browsers, mobile devices and tablets. All usage data is captured and presented in a detailed stats report which is generated on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Google Analytics integration is also available. User data is important when tracking traffic sources (including browsers or devices) and visitor behavior - including the most visited topics - giving the client the ability to see which content their users require the most help with. Stats also provide TMTI the feedback required to assist with TMTX product innovation.

Benefits of Maintenance, Support and Management

With TMTI managing and hosting the service, we have the ability to provide detailed visitor stats, timely updates, regular maintenance checks and system/software updates. We provide quick updates to simulators/topics or remove a discontinued service if no longer relevant. Topics can be added to an already launched simulator, or a simulator can be removed entirely. Frequent checks are performed to ensure there are no issues with the simulators and that they are running optimally. Updates to the system/software for browser compatibility and simulator performance occur regularly. All TMTI hosted websites and servers are monitored 24/7/365 for uptime and automated alerts are sent to the TMTI support team in the event of any issues.

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