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TMTI Group of Companies

We're a multinational company made up of extremely tech savvy, experianced problem solvers in the United Kingdom and Canada.

TMTI Group of Companies

Our UK based operations.

Our TMTI UK offices are located in the picturesque Wiltshire village of Corsley Heath. Surrounded by rolling countryside with the famous Longleat Park just a mile away, it's enjoyable being in such a quiet setting. Conveniently located on the road that links Warminster with Frome it's only 2 hours driving from central London.

Over time TMTI UK has had the pleasure of working for or along side some major brands located around the world. Here are just a few...

TMTI UK Clients

TMTI UK Services.

Blue Shim

Our TMTI UK office provides multiple services above and beyond what our Canada office offers, it's the best part about having a big brother! Here are some of those services.

Phone Support

Technical Support by Phone:

Drawing on one of the most comprehensive gadget databases in the world, which we've collated over our 10 years of talking tech. Solve 98 percent of customer queries on the first call.

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Email Support

Technical Support by Email:

More and more businesses are turning to email support as a cost efficient customer service solution. We can provide this at low cost, working on a cost per contact or a fixed contract basis.

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Product Simulators/Interactive Guides

Product Simulators & Interactive Guides:

We build online interactive guides which bring products alive on the web. Self learning is the new buzz word for online customer support. A good online tutorial experience saves money for the retailer and for the consumer and provides a fast 24 hour solution for technical queries. Also very powerful as a pre-sales tool or for call centre operators.

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Returns Prevention/Management

Returns Prevention & Management:

We can lower returns in your business. Authorise any faulty returns after carrying out a diagnosis with the customer and deal with the replacement being despatched to the customers. We can even collect the faulty goods, test them and find the fault for you. Most importantly we can give you the facts about what is going wrong.

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Brand Defence/Social Media

Brand Defence/Social Media:

The dramatic growth in online social media has fast become a way for customers to interact with retailers both positively and negatively with the click of a button. We have developed solutions for the ongoing monitoring of social media that quickly addresses and responds to negative comments, feedback and scores relating to devices people have purchased

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Product Testing

Product Testing:

We can ensure your product works well in the hands of the consumer. We can make sure your product works well with the other products in its marketplace, and we can make sure your instructions and the way you communicate them are first class. Whether pre-launch testing, app testing or Bluetooth® testing TMTI can carry out this for you.

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Other TMTI Brands.

Blue Shim

Our TMTI UK operations has mutiple brands that offer specialized services.

Web Video Production -
Web Video Production

Web Video Production makes corporate and promotional videos. The company also specialises in animations, cartoons, motion graphics and interactive content.

Click Don't Call -
Click Don't Call

With more than 10 years experience in delivering technical support, we have developed bespoke online tools to help both individuals and businesses with their technical support help and guides.

App Developers UK -
App Developers UK

App Developers UK designs and builds applications for iOS/iPhone and the Google Play/Android Platforms. We build for both companies and individuals.

Gadget Helpline -
Gadget Helpline

For only £3.99 per month you can have all your gadgets in the home covered through one of the UK's foremost technical support clubs. The Gadget Helpline blog is also packed with reviews, help and views on the latest news concerning the world of gadgets.