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Specializing in Customer Support

Knowledgable customers reduce company costs; our intelligent TMTX platform can help educate your customers with any device you need to support.

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We’ll build a simulator for any product with unlimited topics utilising our powerful TMTX software.

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Render your product in high resolution 3D and control of how it looks across all marketing materials.

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About TMTI Canada

Providing world-class technical support solutions as consumer electronics become more complex.

Talk Me Through It Canada Ltd. – or TMTI Canada – was established in 2004 to provide world-class technical support solutions as consumer electronics became more and more complex. Over a decade later, our Canadian and UK offices continues to work with major brands from all over the world.

Our Canadian office specializes in providing online interactive support guides and simulators which enable customers to use the products and services online prior to purchase, and easily find the answers to questions post-purchase.

We have proven time-and-time again the value of good technical support by lowering product returns and support costs while increasing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Years of experience have turned us into the ultimate problem solvers and product educators. We will study your product, customers’ needs and work to best educate end users because we know that knowledgeable consumers reduce company costs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to match complex products and software with simple and elegant support solutions.

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